Higher return on investment and faster exits through a membership token driven ecosystem. As seen on

LifeTechverse’s Vision

Bypassing A Bias System

The Capital Market is a zero sum game. It exploits the public to achieve a stable return by taking advantage of non-transparent information on their investment. The current system is built for the capital market to benefit, making the rich richer and keeping the common man poor.

Breaking Down Barriers

We break down market bias towards trends (such as Metaverse), created by the already rich and powerful, using different forms of investment products like derivative financial products.

Increasing Transparency

Using blockchain technology, we take the guesswork and speculation out of investing. People make their investments based on secure and transparent market information rather than speculation.

Real-Life Application


Hotel Investments

Our unique investment system, based on membership tokens will allow you to exit faster and get a higher return on your investment. What’s more, you will enjoy real-life benefits such as hotel discounts and additional perks during your stay.


Utilising Blockchain & Membership Tokens

About Blockchain

A blockchain is a distributed database or ledger that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. As a database, a blockchain stores information electronically in digital format. Blockchains are best known for their crucial role in cryptocurrency systems, such as Bitcoin, for maintaining a secure and decentralized record of transactions. The innovation with a blockchain is that it guarantees the fidelity and security of a record of data and generates trust without the need for a trusted third party.

About Asset-Backed Tokens

An asset-backed fungible token derives its value from something that does not exist on the blockchain but instead is a representation of ownership of a physical asset (for example shares in a hotel). We call these membership tokens and they derive their value based on the underlying asset.




Maximising every individual’s wealth


Creating cashflow opportunities


Replacing staff stock option schemes with something much more valuable


Maximise individual’s wealth through a new form of investment that will create a fair return on human activities and monentary investments through asset-backed tokens.


The Capital Market is designed to increase the gap between the rich and poor. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to fraud and manipulation by corporations, groups or individuals.

Limited transparency often leads people to invest based on assumptions that prove untrue and lead to losses. In addition, a person’s natural resources (activities, time and money) are limited but often undervalued or not valued at all. LifeTechverse believes that a return on investments in form of power enables Capitalism to control the market. Which in turn leads to the misallocation of limited resources and controls the distribution of wealth.

LifeTechverse is a digital wealth platform that enables a revolutionary form of investment that will create a fair return on human activities and monetary investments through asset-backed tokens, leaving the capital market behind. We call this concept “maximising the productivity and value of human productivity by creating intrinsic value of their limited natural resources”

By using tokens, the LifeTechverse platform will allow businesses or private investors to create additional revenue streams, reward and value their own and their employee’s resources and generate cashflow boosts without using traditional ways such as bank loans or private equity.

How & Why It Works

Think trading app for stock, but for asset-backed NFTs instead. We want to create an app that allows you to invest in digital currency in asset-backed NFTs and connect with people via a social investing

Discover thousands of asset-backed NFTs, share ideas, discuss strategies and much more.  The LifeTechverse digital wealth platform will be secure, global and safe.

Trade Asset-Backed NFTs

List your asset-backed NFTs, sell and trade them or buy new assets with digital currency. All in one simple interface that allows you to always keep an overview of your digital wealth  and the market.

Use Your
Digital Wallet

The digital wallet allows you to trade using digital currency that can easily be converted into the currency of your choice.  Add and withdraw funds as you please with one simple click.

Subscribe To Trading News

Stay up to date with new listings, big movers and NFT trading news. Never miss an opportunity again, our built-in notifications ensure you are always on top of what’s happening.

Copy Successful Traders

New to asset-backed NFT trading or want to take the hassle out of keeping up to date? Simply copy successful traders on the platform and make your investments automatically, with full control.

Build your wealth, browse asset-backed NFTs, buy, sell, communicate, and share all in one simple platform.

The LifeTechverse digital wealth platform allows you to view past and predicted performance of asset-backed NFTs utilising blockchain technology for full transparency, so you can make informed investment decisions.

Use digital currency to trade, and reap the return on your investments straight into your digital wallet.

Our Founders

Futurist, visionary, inspirational, driven and hard-working. All these attributes apply to Rico Chow.

Rico was born in Hong Kong. No fancy schools, no private education. Rico’s success is based on his desire for self-development and bettering the world he lives in. He has an extensive and very successful background in finance and private equity, and through his continued studies and development, he has built a portfolio that is second to none. Driven by his success he developed his intrinsic value that today yields a return on his investment of time, effort and money

During his career, he realised two things:

1. People without a background in private equity run losses on their investments more often than not due to minimal transparency and biased investment advice.

2. There rarely is any return on investment in time and personal effort.

So he set out to create a system that changes this. Rico believes that people should be valued according to their productivity, which forms the basis of his LifeTechVerse philosophy that includes a Digital Wealth Platform, allowing people to build a return on their productivity.

Mareike Niedermeier



Mareike Niedermeier is an accomplished and published digital strategist and sales leader who is dedicated to helping businesses grow.

During her 15 years in the industry, she worked with corporates and SMEs in executive capacities, such as Head of Sales & Marketing and APAC Sales & Marketing Director.

Mareike lives and breathes digital marketing and is fascinated by the endless possibilities and fast-paced changes the field brings.

She specialises in digital strategy and knows how to create powerful market alignment for brands and businesses that allows them to utilise impactful messaging.

Mareike also mentors students from Australian universities in entrepreneurship, and in her free time, she is completing her Master’s degree in Business.




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